Best of the 2012

2012 was a big year for me in all possible aspects:


The year began perfectly: I married the best UI designer, I ever met.

It happened in April, and we then spent two great weeks in Paris as our honeymoon.

The year ended in a pretty unexpected manner: in December we’ve moved to Berlin, Germany, home of some of the greatest mathematicians: I’m currently writing this lines from street, named after Rieman, eating cookies, named after Leibniz.


The whole year I was working as a full-stack (with the emphasis on Scala) web developer for The New Motion. In a process of moving to Berlin, I had to find another job, preferably in Scala: I was obviously not going back to Java. After lurking for some time, I just posted a question on quora. Which resulted in my future employment as a developer at deltamethod. I’m still in the process of obtaining work permit, but already looking forward to working with some great machine learning and natural language processing algos!


Last year I attended Stanford’s Algorithms course and a course on Scala, taught by Martin Odersky. This year I’ve already started the second part of the course on algorithms, a course on calculus from Penn (at the university I always struggled with calculus, and decided to deal with this beast once and forever), and, on the advice of my future colleague, a course on machine learning from Caltech.

Books and papers.

Some reads, that I enjoyed most in 2012 include (in no particular order, some with comments, some not):

Currently reading:

Planning to read:

Except for stuff, mentioned earlier, I’m also planning to read those:


In 2012 I, beeing an emacs adept, finally decided to try vim. I liked some of its ideas, therefore my emacs config now uses evil-mode. I also learned to touch-type this year (Yes, I know, most of the people learn this at school or at the college. Unfortunately I did not, so I had to catch up).

I also commited to several open-source projects last year: scalaz, haskellers, roy (created a maven plugin and an emacs mode for it). One of my small scala projects, poi.scala even got mentioned in scala 2.10 release notes.

I also gave a small talk on scalaz for a local scala user group.


2012 was a great year. Hopefully, 2013 will be even better. Happy New Year!


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